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Hiring a limo service is like any process, you need to make smart choices. It comes down to two things: The company you use and the limo driver they hire. I am going to give you a small breakdown of what characteristics you should look for in a limo driver. You can also give us a call for more information. The number for our office is 1-800-475-9975. When you call, we can provide you with all of the necessary details regarding our event and stadium car service. We can also go over the pricing details with you and provide you with a free quote.

A good limo driver has their chauffeur license displayed for everyone to see. It also depends on the state you live in. The person should also be of age, depending on your state’s age limit. The person also needs to have the right amount of experience on the road. In other words, do not let the company hand you over to someone who just got their license. The person needs to have a few more years of experience before they can be qualified.

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Chauffeurs need to have an impeccable driving record. I am not saying they cannot make mistakes, everyone does. However, their record needs to be close to spotless. You are placing trust in the person to drive you to wherever you need to go.

Do not be afraid to question the company about a driver’s record. I suggest you look around for someone else if the company is less than forthcoming. You need transparency here.

Do they dress professionally? You should hire someone who wears the right clothes, not someone who comes in wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Do you come dressed for the office in sweats? No. You come in a nice suit and tie. Do not let your driver come in wearing ratty clothes.

What Happens If They Do?

I suggest you call the company and tell them what happened. A well-trained driver arrives wearing a black suit and white shirt. Hats are optional.

Talk to the company about their training. You need someone who has been well-trained in every area, including defensive driving. There are a lot of crazy people on the road. Your limo driver should know how to handle almost every situation they are in.

An Example

I went to a wedding in a limo more than 15 years ago. The driver knew how to help the bride out of the limo. The driver knew how to conduct himself around the guests and the wedding party. I am not saying it will be like that every time, but they should know the basic rules.

Some companies like to hire hackers or contractors. I suggest you stay away from that. You need someone who comes with an impeccable reputation in the company. Did they send out one of their best drivers to help assist one of your executive boss’s for a big deal in NJ? That means you have hired someone bonded in the company. Any driver who comes bonded in the company is considered a great investment.

Some drivers arrive late while some arrive early. The idea is to hire someone who arrives at least 10-15 minutes early. I hear the argument that the driver is going to spend that time waiting. That is part of the process. There is a lot of waiting when you become a limo driver. One reason why they arrive early is to account for weather and road conditions. You never know what you will encounter on the road and where. A great limo driver takes everything into account before the trip.

Know you could hire someone who runs a little late, but that may reflect badly on you. What happens if their late arrival causes you to be late to a business meeting in NY or NJ? What happens when you arrive late at a wedding? The focus is going to be on you instead of the bride and groom. It is better to arrive early and make a great impression than arrive late and have everyone talking about you.


One final thought is on the subject of privacy. Limo drivers become privy to a lot of things happening behind the scenes for business and personal. You need someone you can trust and someone who will keep the secrets. You have made the right choice in hiring when you hire someone who believes in confidentiality above everything else.

Get in touch on the company’s official page. New clients can take advantage of special rates and discounts, not to mention VIP packages.

Our stadium car service is available for the following places: Madison square Gardens MSG- Barclay Center- TD Garden- Gillette Stadium- Met Life Stadium- Yankee Stadium- Citi Field- Fenway Park- Arthur Ashe Stadium- Cullman-Heyman Tennis Center- Yale Bow.